Why doesn't Hello Kitty have a mouth?

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Rumors has it that she is communicating with the outer world by Morse Code, Therefore she doesn't need a mouth, only fingers to tap :-)

Now seriously, I read some theory that the more ambiguous the character is, more people can identify themselves with the it. The character of Hello Kitty was meant to address elderly people.  

The official position of Sanrio is that she speaks from the heart, having no need of any particular language.

 I got this one from wikipedia

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i actually am searching on this topic cause i wanna prove something right im not sure about a story i heard bout "hello kitty" and well don't know the whole story either.. this is what i know a mother with a daughter suffering from mouth cancer made a deal with the devil to help safe her daughter i dont know where hello kitty came from and that left me wondering.. i heard it meant devil or hell in japanese or chinese either one not sure and thats how the mother came up with then name .. tahts waht i know and want to know the true story (:

well i was shock actually freaked out when i heard this didn't know if to beleive it or not and thats why i wanna find out. the source told me they read it in a magazine don't know which one.. o wellz

any one let me know if this is almost true or tell me the whole storyz ^.^

hello lulu777 :]

my name is zulymarie' actually i've heard something just like this...

im 13 years old and i love hello kitty soo much since i was a little girl!! well, yea i have this friend and she goes to church every week and stuff.,, one day she called me and told me about the real story about how hello kitty started and also told me that her mom threw out everything she had that had hello kitty.

the story went like this..

;;there once was a women who had a little daughter that had mouth cancer.the little girl was sick about to die on the hospital.. so her mom made a deal with the devil, it was like a trade. she told the devil that if he cured the little girl; she will make him something to be remenbered by in earth..so the devil saved her little daughter from the mouth cancer, and the mom created hello kitty as a symbol for the devil..

after i heard this story i kinda thought it was sweet..but my friend seemed to take it so bad. i mean..we're not sure if this story is 100% real. but i still love hello kitty n_n well...after you hear this story doesnt it all make sense?? hello kitty really has no background, no expressions, its like a cute little mystery :] that explains why it doesnt have a mouth!!-since the girl had mouth cancer!get it?? :]

well good luck in ur hello kitty research stuff... if you have any questions my myspace url is ;       www.myspace.com/sulymarie  and my aim screenname is xzulymari3x   i'll love to hear and talk more about all of this :D

yes that is true,your story is true thats why i dont like hello kitty.i never liked her anyway.and that story is not sweet who ever said its sweet because it involves the devil and its very bad the woman shouldve asked god not the devil!!:(Yell so who ever said its sweet curse you because you must like the devil better than good!?shame on those ugly people!!!

ooo kewlio

thnxs fo d story... ^^

yeh i neva reali liked hello kitty well for no reason actuali, i just didn't get a good feeling from her either. yeh it is sweet but now that i think about it... wud the devil actuali do something sweet like that??? hmmm feels like part of the story something is missing :o maybeh. o welz

hehe 10x again ^_^! :D

Actually i heard that there was sum old lady sum were in china that had a cat (named hello kitty) that had cancer in the mouth and was slowly dieing (she loved her cat more than life it self...) she made a pact with th devil (the old lady did witch like spells and worshiped the devil for many years) that she would continue her rain of evil upon life and anything good if he helped the cat survive so he agreed. later the cat got better but gained immortality and sum wer in china the cat is believed to be alive unaged by time nd it is believed that the cat also made a pact with him  so that he could take the form of a human being and the cat/man/woman whatever gender it is casts spells on innocent human beings worshiping the devil in hell.... and thus hello kitty was born!!

Hope this helped!! 

The real reason why hello kitty does not have a mouth or hair, is beacause a woman [whos daughter had cancer in her mouth], made a pact with the devil that if he 'healed' her daughter she would make something that represented cancer and the devil.

[this was done by using witchcraft etc]

So the devil so called 'healed' her daughter and the mother made hello kitty. In china kitty means devil, so hello kitty means hi devil!

So hello kitty doesnt have a mouth because the womans daught had cancer in her mouth, and the girls hair fell off so therefore hello kitty also has no hair.


anyways i believ this is true bacause that is how the devil eorks.

Okay so he so called "healed" the girl but took her and her mothers soul, meaning when they die they go to hell. Which is sad beacuase God would have healed her and would have only asked for faith in return.

zThat is how wonderful Gos is. he takes in consideration our need not only himselves. as for the devil he healed the girl but kept their souls. trust me people its true!

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