Carrying clean panties in her purse

About a year ago my wife secretly bought a computer, got an untraceable cell phone, got a secret post office box and started carrying clean panties in her purse. As I found out about these things she continued to insist that there was nothing out of ordinary about this and that I was being too possessive when I became concerned about these destails. Why would a wife get a secret computer, secret screen accounts, untraceable cell phone and carry clean panties in her purse

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If she is not having an affair she needs to seek pshychiatric held she might be suffering from some mental disorder.

Seriously... if you're just looking for feedback bc you have the crazy idea that she's having and affair... I will validate your intuition... I think if you want to have an answer to your question... maybe you want to hire a private investigator... but if you have this much evidence and still have to question whats going on... make sure you want proof of the "truth" before going forward... I think you already know the answer to your question... sorry... and good luck:0

It is what it is:)

Geminigrl gave you an excellent answer with a nice sense of humor (2 thumbs up)..... Are you waiting to find his picture too ? - no doubt she is cheating... and deep inside you know it.  Take a private investigator and he will bring you the pictures.
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Love is the battery of life....

Hi, look here had it only been for the computer , cell phone and these other things only we or you could have doubted but the real evidence is there; why would a married woman/lady carry panties in a purse with her? Iam also a woman i do not see the reason why i should be carring panties clean or any kind in my hand bag or purse but honestly speaking your wife is cheating on you. Confront her seek marriage chancellor if she keeps on insisting. Be courageous....


    Good relationships are built on communication, and trust; this includes openness. To get "angry," every time an attempt to communicate is made, usually means there is fear involved. One might ask them self, 'why the fear?' What you have described is by no means normal.

    Trust yourself, and your own intuition. It is not unusual that one knows the answer to their problem, but looks for confirmation. Honor yourself and you will know exactly what to do.

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Never in my 32 years have I ever felt the need to carry extra panties in my purse... I can usually keep the ones I leave the house with on untill I get home. Wise up, you know whats going on. Ive been there- its better to be done with it.

OronD 2 thumbs up . I agree 100 percent . Your answer is in your question .  YES your wife is having an affair.  YES, hire a PI to bring you back the proof you need to confront her .

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Why would a wife get a secret computer, secret screen accounts, untraceable cell phone and carry clean panties in her purse.........because she has something to hide. Run, quick, to the nearest doctor's office for an aids test. This broad is cheating on you.

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