How to carry on the oil equipment based?

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The theme is very big, is not a two sentences can explain clearly. I try to do when I used the localization of the way say: Nationalization of oil equipment is really quite good, the price is cheap don't say, the key is to purchase cycle is short, very flexible. But localization must be careful, not understanding the foreign equipment in before, for the primary and kernel components, with domestic oil equipment product substitution when carefully, or frequent parking, waste of money not to say, is a vain energy, the output is pleasing, even other equipment is screwed up. Generally speaking, copy foreign models for the lower rates of localization, that not only need to "than the gourd ladle painting", still really need profound theoretical basis and rich practical experience. For individual components/spare parts of the nationalization oil equipment relatively simple, first need to know material, operation and maintenance manuals on bringing the best, or we will analysis material, can play spectrum, make sure all kinds of content, then depend on a domestic material, not just from foreign check; Then the surveying and mapping, not only to measure must all kinds of basic size, but also to measure the key surface roughness, parameters such as hardness, clear heat treatment and machining method, precision, then is made. All of these, if their technology strength is insufficient, can look for domestic technical strong manufacturer to do, from surveying and mapping, select material to a product that is ok. Remember, in localization not completely before success, must note equipment spare parts imported oil play.

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