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What Carnival cruise ships have basketball courts ...

What Carnival cruise ships have basketball courts? This has been a difficult question to have answered. It seems that even the Carnival reps have different answers. Anyone been on a cruise lately and know for sure?  Thanks!!

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No shore excursion for cave tubing from cruise ships/Belize???? why

Well, must have been some local problems or something. You can also check out other cruise line profiles to see if all of them are not offering this shore excursion. Well, it might have been only the one that you have used or the time of your visit.

Carnival Freedom Vaction Photo's on the ship

You can visit their website directly or search for cruise line profiles online to see the photos and videos that they have kept for their passengers during that trip. You can also contact the on board photographer if the cruise line has little or no copy of the images/videos.

Uss dolphin cruise ship

Did you visit the vessel's website already? If not or if you cannot find it, you can locate the vessel through Google or through cruise line profiles . I seem to cant find it in Google, not that much data, so I guess you should try the profiles. As it is more complete with a ships history.