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Why are you people so careless with your own language? Why do you want the dirty politics I left behind in Kiev? I spend a year and half learning American English before I come here. I think I do ...

Americans are bitter after decades of outsourcing.

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Vasili Korsakov Thinks this answer is Helpful:

I have frind in Minsk who buy a new Harley Davidson motorcycle 5 years ago.  He work for Carnival Cruise Lines and retire in Minsk on pay that is 5 times what factory worker is earning. 


I went working for Carnival once I learn English.  People still tell me I speak not too good but I learn.


Carnival gave me job and room, I share with Turk and Greek, they both leave their home because of they fight so much with everyone.


I work for Carnival a year and take more lessons but most important lesson I learn was how to get along with a former enemy.  The governments might hate each other but we don't having to.


Maybe if we all take Carnival Cruise and learn to get along we all come out better.

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Looks like we have to add another Rocmike alias to the list,

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