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I want to change my career, but i don't know if i ...

i want to change my career, but i don't know if i should, i'm still fairly young, do you think it's wise to try something different if i don't like what i'm doing?

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Hello, Lauralovee,

Putting myself in your shoes Laura, i would first think about what type of field i would want to get into, then i would do some research on that field far as, finding out if there is a demand in that particular field and how much does it pay. I would also go to school to receive the proper documentation i would need for that particular field. You don't mention your age,however if your in your early thirties or late thirties, i would give it a try. However if your in your late forties like me, i would seriously make sure this is what i want to do, remember the older we get lesion's our chance of getting hired. What ever you decide to do Laura, please do not leave your job without having another to go to.  I wish you the very best.

PS: Laura i would like to know what you decide and if it would be okay with you i'm going to add you as my first contactCool. I hope i've helped you if not you someoneLaughing

Good Luck!




I think that too many people work in jobs they dislike or just settle for.  Don't let others' fears about the economy or the job market prevent you from living the best life you can live.  We spend so much of our lives on the job, why not make those hours something you look forward to and have passion for?  There is no wrong answer, but whatever decision you make, go forward without regard to what everyone else thinks.

Such a personal issue that I feel like I'm not qualified to answer what could be the biggest decision of your life, but I would be glad to share my thoughts and opinions. First I would like to recommend career development tutorials before you make any decision.

I am also fairly young and am working in a position that I have never thought I would be doing. It wasn't my field when I was studying in college and actually don't have any academic knowledge. I'm pretty much learning as I am working. I found out that I didn't hate it and that it's pretty interesting.

It don't think age should have anything to decide if you want to change your career. In actuality, I think changing while we're young is a lot better because there are more opportunities for to learn that I guess for workers already in their mid career.

Once your out of college, you are going to work for better or worse, most of your life until retirement comes along. Trying to bite your tongue and work at a job that is excruciating is not worth it and very stressful. Nobody loves to work, but since we have no choice, it would be better to at least do something that you can tolerate.

But before you make any sort of decision, think and research about what you want to do. Figure out your objectives first than take action. Don't quit the job until you have attain a different position!

Again, my thoughts and opinion. But I hope I gave you some comfort and advice. Good LuckFoot in mouth

I offer my wisdom, advice, and knowledge with the world to the best of my ability!

I had my midlife career change at my 30's .  I guess it was because I was undecided what to pursue in college. I thought of college as a mechanism to bring wealth to people, not really to enjoy your life.

People value hardwork too much. We always thought that it can bring forth success. But if I pursued what interest me, this hardwork  will be less stressful and depressing.

I have learned this the hard way. For more than ten years, I was living and dying in a corporate culture. It took away my happines.

Until, I had enough. I am very happy that I left the corporate world and was able to establish business because of my passion.  You should act now! And rip the benefits that you deserve.

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