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Can my employer ask to see my social security card for payroll purposes upon hire?

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Not only can, but some have to.  Usually they photocopy it and stick it in your file.

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By law now in the U.S. you have to show the SS card when filling out the I9 for employment. Many companies now will verify that you are legally eligible for employment prior to hiring you.

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Of course. His records need to be accurate for tax purposes, deductions, etc.

Yes. They can ask for proof of your social security number, which is what the card provides. Also, the employer has a legal obligation to require you to submit documents verifying your immigration status. The social security card is one document you can use for this.

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According to the current I9 the employer must ask to see documents verifying your eligibilty. However, the employer CANNOT specify which documents they will accept. You can show a driver license and birth certificate if you choose not to show the SS card. Please read the I9 form for further details.

SS Number is required - Just Number

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In WA state they can only ask if they are asking you to sign up for E-Verify. E-Verify is a system that employer's can use to make sure they are not accepting fraudulent employment documents. If you look at the back of the I-9 form, there are other documents that prove you are eligible to work in the United States that employers are required to accept and can not request which document they will take and which they won't....... However, if you don't want to provide them with the number, then you gotta pay your own taxes because they would have no way of paying your Social Security or Federal taxes...... So, what's the battle really worth to ya?

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