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Will a car battery recharge itself?

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The alternator/generator will recharge the battery when the engine is running.

Love one another.

No it wont, sorry you need a battery charger or another car an jumper cables..

Sometimes, if you have run the battery down trying to start the vehicle, it will recover some charge if left alone for a little while.  It will not recover to a "full charge" condition, but may recover somewhat.

no, but if you leave it a little while it may gain some charge depending on the battery condition.

No, a charge must come from an external source. But it's confusing to some people because a battery can be discharged at the surface of the plates and if the battery is left alone for a few minutes some of the charge deep in the plates will distribute across the medium and you may have a little more charge available.
A battery is simply a chemical storage device for an electrical charge. The charge initially comes from an outside source, such as an alternator, and as long as the materials inside the battery are in good condition, the battery will continue to take and hold a charge. Once the materials start to break down, the battery fails.

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I am afraid I cant follow your question. 

You clearly explain how a battery charger or alternator charge the car battery. So my question has to be. 

If a battery could recharge its self why would you need LG LGIP-580A Cell Phone Battery a cars alternator or a battery charger? 

If you power electrical items from the car battery with out your cars engine running yes after a while the car battery will run flat. 

How long that takes depends on the items and the condition of the battery in the car. 

If the load is removed you can let the car sit for an hour or three and it may develop enough charge to start the engine. If you have a car phone charger plug the charged phone into the lighter and let it sit. It will help. Jumper cables are the best remedy.

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Batteries recharge themselves to a certain extend when you run the engine. However, all batteries need to be replaced or externally charged eventually. I usually get mine checked and charged when I get my oil changes. It's a good way to stay on top of it.

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