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Where can I get a car loan with low interest? I have good credit.

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Hi Wendy.  First place to look is your bank or credit union.  Or, if buying a new car the dealers will have very competitive loan packages.  Do not borrow for small time used dealers, they cannot offer competitive loans.

You should consider a peer to peer lender like the Lending Club. With peer to peer lending you basically borrow the money from other people, without the need for a traditional financial institution like a bank. All of the loans have a duration of 3 years which will minimize the interest you pay. I used Lending Club for my last car loan and I received an interest rate just under 7%. If you have good credit you will have no problem getting a loan.  For more information go to :

you should talk to a experienced who deals this type of job . you can search web. its helpful. source:

You have to go for axis bank if you want to get a best car loan interest rates.I personally had a best experience with them when i had bought my own car.

Reliance Commercial Finance provides tailor-made car loans to suit your needs and requirements which also includes low interest rates.

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