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How to get a car donated to a disabled person in desperate need

I have been disabled for a little over three years now. I did have a car for only a few months before in Jan.2008 I had to have part of my right leg amutated. The car I had needed alot more work on it than I even paid for it. I only paid $400.00 for it and was able to get $150.00 for it cause someone needed parts from it. I live on a monthly income of $1500., and am a single mom of a daughter. My mother live with me because she is on oxygen 24/7 and has to have someone with her at all times. By the time I pay PSE&G, Verizon (TV,phone,& internet), my mortgage, and do grocery shopping Iam pretty much broke til the next month. I can't afford to even buy a $400.-$600. dollar car to get me to dr. appts for my daughter, mom, and myself, go grocery shopping or even if there is an emergency. I have to ask friends to give me rides when they can. I don't need anything fancy or even really nice looking. I need something to get me from point A to point B and back again. I really neve drive for more than 10 miles at any time, but am really desperate if anyone or an organizaton out there is willing to help. If so my e-mail is: sprintcup2008@gmail.com or call my cell @ 609-851-2409 or home @ 609-396-2275.(leave a message if I don't answer and I'll call you right back) Please help me

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had you had any luck with this?  I was just browsing this site and came across your hardship's...just wondered if anyone was helping you out? 

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