Caqn I accept her final answer that I am not higher than an 8

Can I accept her final answer she thinks I am not higher than a 8?

Today I went to the thrift store and I had a blouse in my hand.  I walked away from the rack I was looking at.  Then I walked back.  There was a woman looking at one side of the rack and I was on the other.  She only could see me from the waist up.

Woman: “Are you a size 12” (She said this low so I went over to ask her to repeat what she said and as she said it I said
Me: “Why”
Woman: “Because there is a blouse here you might like”
Even thou she told me Iwalked over and looked inside the tag and saw for myself it is a size 12.  This got me upset.

Me: “Why you think I am a size 12”
Woman: “I am very bad at sizes”
Me: “I am a size 7,8”
Woman: “You really are thin”
Me: “But by you saying I am a size 12 you are saying you do not think I am a single digit size”
Woman: “I am very bad at sizes.  I am buying my granddaughter a blouse, she is a small. My granddaughter is tall and very thin
Me: “Why do you think I am size 12“
Woman: “I just saw a blouse that was really pretty.”
Me: “But it sounds like you are saying that I cannot fit into single digit sizes”
Woman: “I did not say you are a 12, I asked if you were,  If I saw a blouse that said 4, 10, 2 I would have asked if you were that size. BUT AGAIN I REALLY CANNOT SEE WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE ”

Me: “What size do you think I am”
The woman looked me up and down and said:
Woman: “You are very skinny - I say size 4, 6,8, just by looking at you one can see you are very skinny and tall - you have very skinny legs and no middle and all”


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First, who cares?

Second, sizes vary depending upon manufacturer. Lower end items often have bigger sizes, whereas designer items have smaller sizes.

In the end, FIT is what matters - not NUMBERS.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong but it sounds as though you jumped down this poor woman's throat! Why in the world would you do that? Are you that insecure about your body that you feel compelled to shout to the world that you wear a small size?

Are you that snobbish and insensitive that you would look down on someone who wears a double-digit size?

Do you have any idea what size Marilyn Monroe or Jayne Mansfield would wear were they alive today? Both women were considered sex symbols and were drooled over by TONS of men - yet both women would be in double-digit sizes!

Are you going to say that they were FAT?

Please. Have a better opinion of yourself as well as compassion for others who may be shaped differently or wear a larger size.

And if such a thing happens to you again, just be polite and say, "No, I'm not." There is no need to jump down someone's throat over an innocent question.

Turn off the television and teach your children how to think. ~ Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see. (B. Franklin) ~ I do not respond in Comments ~ Trespassers will be eaten. Cowards, idiots and spammers will be shot on sight. ~ YeddaHeads

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Can you accept her final answer? I would say NO. why ? Because you jumped down her throat, and she was saying anything to pacify you.

Seriously, you need to RELAX. Don't get upset about nothing.

to LIndaRuth I have no idea what you are babbling about.  Did you even read the story.  When I came out from behind the rack she looked me up and down and said "You are very skinny - I say size 4, 6,8, just by looking at you one can see you are

LOL Another time it's good to be a guy: you go in the store, tell them your waist and inseam - leave with the jeans - no headgames: none of this " I normally wear a 4, but a 6 feels so good, I'd like to try a 12." - hell, we even wear pants with the size written on a tag everyone else can read.

THAT WHICH DOESN'T KILL YOU MAKES YOU STRONGER. Bull. Reality is, it will usually hurt like hell and leave you with a permanent limp.

Me babbling? You are the one hasseling people about your size and stewing about it afterwards.  The question has already been asked - Who cares?

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