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Cape Hatteras Fishing what type bait rig is used ...

Cape Hatteras Fishing what type bait rig is used for surf fishing (outer banks) for blues and mackeral? Also if schools are within casting distance which lures are the most commomly used?

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What Type Of Bait

Try using a dough ball for starters. Or you can take cereal, wet it, and work it into a ball. Be sure to set up your rod with a treble hook, which will help keep the dough or any soft bait from coming off. Another great bait to use for carp is canned corn.

I have a fishing bait called a point jude flapper does anybody have any

I found a site with more info and where you might find more info. "Point Jude Bait Co." In the later years, they made freshwater and saltwater baits,[ spoons, jigs, and plugs ], and also expanded their product line to include jewelry. The plugs were made smaller, with decal eyes, and with ...

Can anyone tell me what a good bait to make to catch a good size carp in

I've heard commercially doughballs sold in bait stores work very well

Im tryin to start a bass fishing tackle box but dont know what baits to

It's easy you just need a large tackle box, I recommend buying it at Bass Pro Shops. then get a bunch of bass lures,baits