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How long will cannabis stay in an unborn baby's system? Or how long does it take for the baby to be clean of cannabis when its born?

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    Cannabis will stay in the blood system for approximately 1 month. Everyone will more than likely have different opinions about this in relation to the babie's health; but it will be similar.

   It sounds like you are concerned about this. I will not say one way or the other about the use of cannabis. I will say that there are other things to be concerned about that can really have an impact on the babie's health. It is good to be considerate of your little one; it sounds like you will make a great mom!!

   Relax, everything is alright.

                                      With Regards,


A responsible parent should never let his/her baby sniff smoke from marijuana. It is very dangerous for the health of the infant. According to scientific studies, cannabis residues have been known to stay on an adult's body for more than a year. Just imagine its impact on a baby's body. It would probably be much longer. A baby should be given the utmost care. Giving adequate milk, food, clothing, and infant sleep sacks is what the young one deserves.

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