How do I cancel my Yedda account?

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The question is, I think, crystal clear: HOW DO I DELETE MY YEDDA ACCOUNT?

There shoudl be a way for anyone who wishes to leave, to do so. You do not answer the question, and I can't find any where in my settings a "delete accoutn" either.

Is this another Facebook situation where people can join but can't leave?

I think you'll find the parrot is *not* dead.

Thanks for the clarifications.  We'll look into the matter and see what we can do.

I'm available here or via email if you want to continue this discussion:


Neta Silberg 

I don't think anyone could blame you for not correctly identifying the motivation behind the original question. My question merely is entirely overlapping. I'm less concerned (I'm not sure concerned is the word, but it's what's prompting my question) about e-mails than about an outwardly visible presence. If you google "ghstomahawks", my profile on Yedda is on the first page of results. I'd likely rather not have an account here than have that be the case.

 I feel users should always have the option to have their account removed regardless of motivation anyway, but personally I'd be just as happy to see yedda give people the option to indicate that search engine "bots" not crawl their page. While I'm sure it'd be a pain to re-generate a robots.txt file every time someone flips the option in their profile, I'm sure a site as large as yedda can figure out a way to manage something of the sort.


Thanks for the response,



The question is legitimate either way. I'm not sure what you're asking (about search engines) is something feasible, but we can look into it.

I got the impression the problem wasn't so much with search engines, but with the actual notifications you get here on Yedda, but it is possible I misread the question. 



I have to agree with the question though. This was posted 6 months ago, and I still can't find any more information on the site as to how to remove my account than was available before.

 An alternate possibility that I'd be interested in (because it's not being notified that makes me interested in removing it) would be to give us the option of preventing our profiles from being indexed by search engines.

 It appears your "before I answer your question" turned into dodging it altogether. Is there any chance of getting a response now?



Before I answer your question I should mention that I have ulterior motives, being a Yedda employee...

Having a Yedda account need not be something that bothers you (I hope it isn't anyway). You can adjust your notifications status so that you do not receive any emails from Yedda:

(the link is located at the uppermost right hand corner, just below your name). This way you can stop or resume your Yedda activity at will.

I hope this helps you. If not please let me know.



You Can Check In, But You Can't Check Out....


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