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Asked: Corp name retainment

We are a Non profit organization and working under the 501-c3 we have 5 chapters across New York State one of are chapters has sent us a letter stating they want to move on but they want to retain the ...

Asked: Do you need a tax id if you already have one for ...

do you need a tax id if you already have one for another business and you want to start a non profit business

Asked: How to reflect changes to non profit by laws

how to reflect changes to non profit by laws

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Does a root canal hurt?

In a normal situation, there is no pain during a root canal . This is the majority of the time. Your dentist will get the area numb and you should feel very little, if anything. Most patients say that it is much like getting a cavity filled and that the anticipation is much worse than the actual ...

Put on medication after root canal

More than 5 years do not need antibiotic.

How do I know if I need root canal therapy or would a simple filling be

The only way I know of you can tell for sure is with xrays. They need to see if the root is infected or not as well as how much of it is or how close it is to being exposed. The root will show up much darker on the xray if it's infected/aggrevated.

I have been suggested a root canal treatment for a ...

You know what IS toxic ? Infections. Infections are THE major reason why root canals need to be done. Is your tooth infected ? If so, THAT is the toxicity that you need to be concerned about, NOT the "toxicity" of a root canal.