can your wages be garnished for medical bills california?

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Answered: What are wage garnishments?

An IRS wage garnishment is issued to your employer, instructing them to withhold money from your paycheck to pay old back tax liabilities in addition to the normal taxes being withheld. The garnishment typically takes between 30 and 70 percent of each of your paychecks. Source: ...

Answered: Internship for medical billing and coding

There is a high requirement for medical coding and billing professionals within the health care industry. You need to be sure you are well trained and educated to perform the tasks given. Along with these basic needs skills such as communication, responsibility and learn-ability are also necessary ...

Answered: Wage garnishment

In some states there are. A friend of mine just ran into this situation when a company tried to garnish her wages in Florida , and she could claim an exemption for being the head of household supporting her kids, and stop her wages from being garnished. It would be worth talking to a lawyer, even ...

Answered: Wage garnishment and bank acct levy

Yes they can. But to ease your mind on the subject, contact the wage department. Salaries In Dubai

Answered: Can my wage be garnished and my checking account at the same time by two

No. According to Salaries In Dubai , it must be transacted one by one.

Answered: Medical bills statute of limitations in CO

The statue of limitation for medical billing in CO is 3 years.
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Voluntary wage garnishment

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What happens if someone freezes your bank account and get a wage

Thanks Lisa the problem was taken care of the ruling went my way.

Garnished wages for alimony

Your wages can be garnished in any state for any debt you owe for which there is a judgment against you. With respect to alimony payments or chid support, your spouse can garnish your wages if there is a court order as to those payments.

Garnish ss wages and pension for an elderly person?

I don't know what the companies are legally allowed to do. In order to obtain an answer, I suggest you discuss the situation with an attorney in your area. Meanwhile, perhaps you should consider obtaining her power of attorney (if that's possible now that she has dementia) so you can notify the ...