Can your uvula be attached to your tonsils?

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Hi Lanny: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. Cannot open downloaded files or attachments

Answered: Swollen Tonsil

I'm not a doctor so I don't know. I would suggest asking your doctor as he/she can tell you.

Answered: Email attachments

On the mail page click on options in the upper right and choose mail options and select your option from that page you should be able to edit all of your profile and email preferences from there be sure to click save at button of the page if you make changes. Best Regard Vishal Chadha https ...

Answered: I often get tonsillitis (around twice a year), how many times will I need

If you've gotten tonsillitis this many times already I would think that you can just request to have your tonsils taken out. Have you tried this already?

Answered: Tonsils

Pre-surgery talk with your doctor. Actually you will probably have to fast the evening before surgery. After surgery you will enjoy ice cream and popscicles. I vaguely remember (I was 4 or 5) when I had my tonsils out that I wanted crackers. Doctor said I could have them. I remember eating ...

Answered: Any relation with tonsils and infertility?

There is no relation between the 2.
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Drinking lots of liquids is good (although it can be hard!) and warm water is best. Avoid tea, alcohol, and other drinks that may dehydrate you. "Eat" chicken broth or soup for meals. Try to take vitamin C or other powdered/pill vitamins so that you're not cutting nutrients out of your diet ...

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