can you vote on the approval of minutes if you are absent from the meeting?

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Answered: Approval of Meeting Minutes

Leftist Muslim Atheist poster, why didn't you answer the question? Couldn't you find it when you tried to google it or didn't you understand what you googled?

Answered: What does not go in minutes. our secretary ...

I don't know the answer to your question. However, I would suggest that these professional people should be responsible for their own words. If they want to come across as diplomatic, then they can speak more diplomatically in the first place.

Answered: Is 60 Minutes a fake show? It's been on the air 45 ...

It was quite a good show for many years. Then they got lazy and frankly became irrelevant, populated by old farts who were so out of touch with reality they were broadcasting stories from like 1945. It should have been put out of its misery like 30 years ago.

Answered: HI, I am a chief building rep. (union advisor) at ...

The way you are doing it seems to be acceptable to most meetings I have ever taken part in. -Surely people are adult enough to realise what 'unapproved' means, and to annotate changes at the next meting. - -I would ask your questioner if THEY would care to take care of the whole recording and ...

Answered: Medicare approved amount

First you have to crack the Medicare diagnosis coding system as the amount varies depending on the diagnosis code which THEY SAY applies to what was done/is to be done. The doctors and hospitals typically hire billing people who are familiar with the codes applicable to those procedures/tests they ...
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I'm not sure. Sorry.

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No, but you can call tracfone and they will transfer the minutes off 1 phone to the other. You can get bonus codes to get free minutes when you add an airtime pin at:

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Are you referring to a HUD-1?

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Answer is in each person's association documents. Generally 10 days is all that is needed unless a vote to approve or reject a declaration amendment is the topic in which case thirty days notice is the norm Dave Sweeney