can you use paypal at lowes?

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Answered: Paypal /aol

Jeri, You can't retrieve it. If the person sending you the money did instead of say, by mistake, the sender must cancel the transaction and send the money again to your correct paypal address. There is nothing you can do. The sender must do it all. Judy Sparky's Mom

Answered: Paypal fees

It all depends on what type is your paypal account.

Answered: I've been using paypal for some time now and so ...

Paypal is very helpful to me. It makes money transfer very easy. I haven't tried any service aside from Paypal.

Answered: Paypal account

i want to ask that paypal account 495105638079121 can i use it to purchase good online now or what please kindly tell me what i will do now because i wanted to make payment online please kindly tell me what i will do instantly please ,thank you very much .or do i need to register for paypal account ...

Answered: How's this low rate achieved?

In theory having low interest rates creates inflation meaning cosumers should spend more and/or apply for loans to stimulate the economy.

Answered: Won't paypal cancel my account in suspision of fraud?

Paypal can cancel your account if you request to them and tell them the reason why do you want to cancel your account.
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I received an e-mail from paypal. It looks suspiscious. How can i find

When I get emails such as that...I don't even READ them. I go directly to the site and login...and check my email or notifications directly from the legit site. Any email I have doubts about gets reported as spam and permanently deleted...and some I DO know who they are...get spammed, too!

Paypal hacks

link your bank account .. it has no charge.

Facebook ads payment via paypal balance problem

A credit card is necessary to buy facebook ads. They cannot be payed by paypal, etc.

Can a PayPal Business Account holder get data of the buyer

Your best source of information is to contact PayPal direct with your question. You can do this by going to this link .