can you use liquid tide to wash car?

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Answered: Washing machine online

You can purchase it from:

Answered: How much money should a person need to start a car ...

Just ran across your question...I am a consultant in the auto care industry since 1979. I have worked with clients around the country on well over 500 projects, with the majority being car washes. I will be happy to answer any specific questions you may have at no cost or obligation. My web site ...

Answered: Contacting owner/headquarter's of Rudy's car wash

If the manager of the car wash won't provide you with the information, you might check with the city. I imagine any business must be licensed to operate within city limits. I think the owner's name has to be on the license or provided on the application; surely someone in the city offices would have ...
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Hi, we are the manufacturer of car washing machine, please kindly contact us for the detail if you are interested on it.