can you use a heating pad after a spinal fusion?

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Answered: I have had 4 back surgeries and the last was fusion at L 5-S 1 that didn

Are you on disability? You should qualify for Medicaid or Medicare under disability. Go online - type in 'Free Medical Clinics - your city - your state. A page will pop up with free or very low cost medical clinics in your area. These are manned by medical doctors that donate their time one or ...

Answered: What is Spinal Stenosis?

Spinal stenosis occurs in the neck (cervical stenosis) or in the lower back (lumbar stenosis). In spinal stenosis, the nerves within the spine are compressed. In lumbar stenosis, the symptoms are usually leg pain or sciatica. Cervical stenosis can be much more dangerous, since the spinal cord ...

Answered: How to deal with failed spinal fusion and chronic pain

What do you mean by "failed"? Has your hardware become loose or broken? Have the discs in the affected area developed problems? Was a bone graft rejected by your body? Did you develop excessive scar tissue? I do not know the type of fusion performed or which area of the spine was targeted. Roughly ...

Answered: Wireless Charger Charging Pad?

There are many wireless chargers on the online shop. of course they can charger many electronic devices,include ipad,iphone. I hope vipstech's answer can help you.

Answered: What are some alternatives to morphine for severe radiculopathy from

You didn't specify why you wish to stop taking morphine, so it's hard to determine what your needs are. Anyway, a common alternative are glycopeptides. Consult your physician about that.

Answered: I had a spinal fusion on july 2nd and the pain in ...

in 05 i had to have my l4-l5-&si vertabrea fused following a work related inj.10 days upon my releas from the hosp.I was involed in a near miss accident which resulted both screws dislodging completely from my l4 vert.which in turn created a spinal leak that could not be surg.sealed resulting in the ...
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