can you take zoloft and estroven together?

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Answered: How long does zoloft take to get out of your ...

Zoloft is FDA approved to treat depression, certain types of social anxiety conditions, posttraumatic stress disorder, panic disorder.

Answered: Zoloft for 98 year old

It's not really about how you feel but how a licensed psychiatrist who is an MD with a psych background thinks... good luck. At least your mother won't have to worry about Zoloft birth defects ..

Answered: Are Zoloft And Zyprexa MAOI's?

I know Zoloft isn't. Any medication that is a MAOI is usually indicated on the bottle. As far as the other med, I'd call your pharmacist to make sure.

Answered: Zoloft created Violence and Assaults/Murders

Zoloft side effects, dosage, and drug interactions. How to use Zoloft oral. Read the medication guide or patient information at

Answered: Why do people stop taking zoloft for depression?

The price of the stuff causes depression to start all over again.

Answered: Can you take imipramine and Zoloft at the same time?

Your doctor will be the best person to answer this question.
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