Can you take synthroid and birth control pills tri-sprintec at the same time ot it is better to spread out?

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Answered: How long can a woman safely stay on the birth control pill for as a form

pharmaceutical companies telling you can use pills very long but in reality there are many side effects and plus long supression of ovulation is not good for future reproduction - better change contraception methods at least every 4-5 years - discover more in section CONTRACEPTION: http://www ...

Answered: How will the Pill affect a woman if she uses it for a long time?

i'm trying to figure it out why I cannot get pregancy that I've been trying and trying.. for the last 5 years. Because I have been using the birth control for 4 years before I stopped it. Please help me and figure if birth control cause it?

Answered: I have been on birth control for almost a year now ...

It sounds like you are having Breakthrough Bleeding (not menses) which is not uncommon with women using hormonal contraception sometimes, especially when skipping or taking the pill late. Just continue taking your remaining pills on time, daily, and use a backup method for the following week. The ...

Answered: Birth control and weightloss pill

As I know there are birth control pills which helps in weight loss but I'm not sure if they're safe.. I haven't heard about weightloss pill lower the effectiveness of birth control

Answered: What are the side effects if any, of taking the birth control

all advantages, disadvantages and side effects - you can discover in section CONTRACEPTION:

Answered: I started taking the pill not too long ago and was ...

You're supposed to take the pill on the first day of your period, this make sure your next ovulation doesn't happen. Chances are that you still did not ovulate, but it's not 100% sure. If your next period is late, take a HPT or do some blood work to check for bHCG, which indicates presence of ...
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Is birth control by injection safe?

birth control injection is safe but u know that it has sid effects i've been taking it for three months and the only thing i've experience is a light brownish spotting but sitt go to ur doctor to see if that is what u want.

I am normally on a pill (birth control). Although ...

No, you can't be pregnant. Your safe period was from July 26 to August 8. You had sex on Aug. 4. which is still your safe period.

Will the Acai Berry and Total Cleanse diet interfere with my birth

Acai Berry - I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.