can you take imodium and pepto together?

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Answered: Pepto

Main ingredient is Bismuth subsalicylate, which is responsible for it's "color" pink!

Answered: Why is pepto bismol pink

And I thot it had Panther skin in it!

Answered: Is imodium safe for dogs

I don't recommend it. The dog's stomach is obviously reacting to something eaten; while it may hurt, let the dog get whatever it is that is bothering him out and whatever is upseting his stomach will pass. If it continues for more than 36 hours, I recommend taking the dog to the vet, as the diarrhea ...

Answered: Can i give my dog pepto

Just a note here to add to the mix. Keep in mind that dog vomiting or diarrhea are the body's natural way to get rid of a toxin so its not a bad thing in general. If it continues a while, dehydration can occur. Yes, Pepto Bismol can be used. If you want to learn other more natural remedies for this ...

Answered: Is it okay to give my five pound teacup poodle 5 mg of predisone?

I called the vet back the next day and asked them to pull my dog's chart. It's a good thing I did. The previous day I was told by the tech that the predisone pills were 5 mg, however the next day, after I insisted that they double-check it was discovered that the pills were actually 20 mg ...
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Pepto would help some with the GERD(gastroesophogeal reflux). Flagyl or metronidazole (generic name) is used as one of the anti inectives used to treat H.Pylori.Usual corse of therapy up to 12 weeks. Varies by MD