can you take hydrocodone and nyquil together?

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Answered: Question about hydrocodone tablets.

the shelf life is about two years, but you don't know how long they were on the shelf at the pharmacy. Get a new script if in doubt. visit my blog and click on the ads------->

Answered: How many hydrocodone are taken to get high?

I chew 10 vicoprophen (200 mg ibuprophen & 7.5 hydrocodone) each tablet when I've been clean for a while. Next day I take 15 tablets to get the same effect. Next day 20... The point is that tolerance increases exponentially to a point that no matter how many I take, all it does is alleviate ...

Answered: What is the strongest pain reliever of tramadol 50me, ibuprophen 800mg

I use all three for various reasons. Hydrocodone is the strongest for what it's prescribed for. Tramadol is good for the specific it's prescribed for. Ibuprofin is good only when the pain is due to inflammation.

Answered: How and can you smoke hydrocodone 10/325

Yep can smoke it if ya want....but it may be the last thing you smoke....So make out that Will to Judy....she will share it with me....hehehe.

Answered: Can nyquil boost alcohol level

Sure, Nyquil will boost your blood alcohol leve. since it contains alcohol itself. You should have told your work that you had taken Nyquil; they might have been more understanding. The steroid shot didn't help, either. Steroids decrease the rate of metabolism of alcohol, making it slower to be ...

Answered: Hydrocodone 7.5/700

sounds like you need NEW FEET or need to lose weight.... try Jenny Criag instead of looking for a high
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NyQuil and Cefprozil together?

I know that mixing meds can be harmfull in most cases. Why don't you call the pharmacy and ask if this will be safe for you. As far as the med that was precribed I am unfamiliar with this antibiotic. I do know that from time to time I need a sleep aid to help me. I asked my Dr. if nyquil was safe ...


Does your bottle say 1 pill every 4-6 hours? Or does is say 1-2 pills every 4-6 hours? If it says the 1 pill every4-6 hours and you are taking 2 instead, then you are abusing your prescription. In turn you are becoming addicted. Again may I recommend pain management? If you are truly afraid of ...

Can you give children nyquil?

Read the directions on the box.. It will tell you if and how much you can dose.

Where can i buy nyquil in Manila?

S&R and cash & carry