can you take gasx and zantac together?

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Answered: Can long term use of Zantac 75 be bad for bone health

all drugs have side effects. just follow the instruction on the label and you'll be fine.

Answered: Zantac or Gavilast?

Medications like Generic Nexium are amongst the commonly prescribed drugs to treat acid reflux.

Answered: Is it ok to Zantac tablets with paracetemol?

Yes you can take zantac tablets with Paracetamol . Paracetamol is an effective pain relief & Zantac Tablets offer relief from indigestion & you can take both of it together.

Answered: What is the use of Zantac?

Zantac Tablets offer relief from indigestion and excess stomach acid and prevent these symptoms that are associated with excessive consumption of food and drink.

Answered: Which is the cheapest place to buy zantac online?

Zantac is an OTC drug. You can buy it anywhere. Buying it online is stupid.
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