can you take Diatomaceous earth with psyllium?

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Answered: Where to buy diatomaceous earth

you can order it online and if you live in Jacksonville, FL you can buy it at the Ramona Blvd Flea Market

Answered: Can people on blood thinners take diatomaceous earth

Here is a diatom. Altho these are very small, I would think that having a load of the sticky things in your tummy when your blood is thin wouldn't be a great idea.

Answered: How old is the earth

Evidence for an old earth includes the Grand Canyon, estimated to have taken millions of years to carve out. And the Pinnacles, which are evidence of a volcano that was split by the San Andreas fault, where the two halves have separated by 195 miles in an estimated 23 million years, moving at about ...

Answered: How far is the center of the earth from the surface

we are considering radius of the earth( distance from center of the earth to surface) as 6.4 x 10*6 km (ten to the power six) assuming that earth is a perfect sphere in scientific calculations.. so it will vary little in equator and pole

Answered: How to apply diatomaceous earth?

We used DE in our swimming pool, to correct the algae! You can find it in any pool supply store, or at a Home Depot. There should be an area right by your filter, that says where to add!

Answered: Diatomaceous Earth

yes, but only use food grade diam. earth
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