can you take clonidine and zyrtec?

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Answered: Desperately seeking Clonidine

The answer was complete. However, i'll be a bit more blunt. The reluctance to acquire your drugs (again, not medications) via the proper and legal channels is a VERY good indicator of addiction or Drug Seeking behavior. Clonidine is not a 'bad' drug, but like any other, it can be abused. Since ...

Answered: Can clonidine and prozac be taken together. if so what are the side

Clonidine is an alpha-blocker whereas prozac is a serotonin specific reuptake inhibitor. There actions are mediated by totally different methods. As AS nicely listed, there are some common side effects which could be additive. I am unaware of any interactions here and could not find any on ...

Answered: Clonidine with clonazepam will it help someone with schizophrenia

Sunshine, No they won't. Those two drugs are used for high blood pressure, panic and anxiety disorders. A person with schizophrenia need a completely different type of medication. Judy Sparky's Mom

Answered: Is Prevacid good to take or Zyrtec

I can recommend a reputable pharmacy (Zyrtec) I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.

Answered: Can you take zyrtec with azithromycin?

Yes, if the doctor gives you the go signal to do so. However, there may be a precaution for those with pre-existing heart problems. A piece of advise, follow the prescription and if you are bothered of the possible side effects, discuss it your physician. For adverse effects related to Zpak ...

Answered: Can Zyrtec D be crushed or cut?

It's not recommended. It may result in too much of the medication being released at one time.
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Can i take clonidine and elavil together

it shouldnt hurt. but ask a pharmacist to be sure. and btw elavil is not a major tranquilizer, it is a TCA ( tricyclic antidepressant). Major tranquilizers would be antipsychotics.

Zyrtec drug swelling of tongue.

I personally do not take Zyrtec for tongue swelling. I'm actually allergic to animal hair and I have 3 precious dogs that I love so much so I take the medication to avoid puffy eyes and a stuffy nose.

Can I take zyrtec with sulfameth tmp ds tab

I can recommend a reputable pharmacy (Zyrtec) - I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.

My grandaughter aged 19 takes clonidine ...

There are no documented risks for Prozac. The newborn may exhibit mild withdrawal symptoms and require several days in the hospital, but this sounds more serious that it is. The other three are all category C drugs which means maybe so or maybe not. Seizures can be very bad for the unborn. If you ...