can you take chantix with vicodin?

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Answered: Long term use of vicodin can cause pain receptors ...

Vicodin withdrawals can be very painful and recovery takes more time. Vicodin detox is a primary process that gets rid of vicodin and other opiates from your body. Talk therapy along with prescription drug treatment can only be the key to treat vicodin addiction.

Answered: Isn't chantix the stop smoking drug that has been removed from the market

A person can get cancer from smoking cigarette. Based on United States statistics, the lifetime risk that an individual will develop lung cancer is 6.9%, or 1 in 13 people. Clearly this number would be higher for people who smoke and much lower for people who have never smoked. But, if you really ...

Answered: Chantix

Chantix yes can produce that as side effects. There are apparently a whole list of chantix side effects. The chantix dosage itself is very heavy and it no wonder the the plethora of side effects.

Answered: Vicodin question

Yes, that is a very strong dose; the normal is 500 mg. Vicodin has a lot of side effects, including drowsiness, dizziness, nausea, headache, and constipation; if you don't need to take it, I wouldn't. If the pain is unbearable, though, take it with extreme caution.

Answered: Diference between norco and vicodin

Basically the two are almost the same. Both are use for narcotic medication, hydrocodone. The only difference is that norco contains less acetamenophine (Tylenol) than the vicodin formulations. Most commonly, vicodin addiction can become a big problem if this drug is being abused.

Answered: Narco medicina, I need to know the diference between narco and vicodin

Did you mean to say "narcotics" and vicodin? Narcotics are a class/group of drugs- they reduce pain and typically cause sleepiness. They require a prescription. Vicodin is the brand name for one type of painkiller. It contains two different drugs: hydrocodone (a narcotic) and acetaminophen ...
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How long is it safe to take vicodin while pregnant ...

I took Vicodin throughout my entire pregnancy. I have herniated disks and the pregnancy weight made it unbearable. My OB is the one who prescribed it. BUT, when my son was born he wasn't breathing at first. They had to use a little oxygen thing to get him started. He was fine after that, but he had ...

Chantix and hemp weed

I don't think Chantix will help you much if you are still smoking pot. It really doesn't work that well for quiting smoking cigarettes unless you really have a strong desire to quit. All it does a lot of time is make you sick at your stomach.

Her2 positive need help with smoking

DO NOT take chantix if you have an underlying mental illness such as depression, anxiety,bi polar disorder ect. I tried to commit suicide twice in 1 week while taking Chantix. As a result I lost Custody of my children and only get to see them twice a month supervised. It has worked for other people ...

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