can you take blood pressure and cholesterol medicine with tums?

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Answered: Are there any foods that you can eat or activities ...

Having healthy foods to eat such as fresh vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables and celery will help lower blood pressure during pregnancy.

Answered: Are there any changes that you can make to your diet besides cutting out

Sometimes other things than food can cause BP to rise. You should check yourself with a professional. Do all the analysis before making a call how to treat this condition on your own.

Answered: How to position arm for taking blood pressure?

Have your arm straight and relaxed, place the cuff over your bicep, and turn on the machine. It will constrict, and shut off the blood flow temporarily. As the bag deflates, bloodflow will resume, giving an audible thumping sound. That is your systolic blood pressure. The bag will continue to ...

Answered: Blood Pressure Medicine Side Effects

I have been taking meds for almost 2 months now & switched meds 3 times.. 1st it was lisinopril, then maxide, no felodipine. still same side effects.. throat feels tight, like I am choking, cough, and random heart palpitations ( it races for no apparent reason) ... this is BS.. sick of goin to doc ...

Answered: Problem with dropping blood pressure

It is ,in my opinion, not very wise to try to solve health problems through internet forum inquiries. Also contact your doctor.You can always call him for advise.

Answered: What is blood pressure?

Blood is carried from heart to all the parts of the body vessels ad this is called as the arteries. As these blood pressure forces the blood to push against the wall of the arteries. Our Blood pressure increases when the heart beats while pumping the blood. As this stage is called as the Systolic ...
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Does herbs cure high blood pressure

Yes! There is actually strong, compelling evidence from controlled clinical studies that the sepals of the roselle flower, Hibiscus sabdariffa, can be used to lower blood pressure. Hibiscus has even been compared to prescription medications, and it has found to be as effective as some of them ...

Why is my blood pressure very high when simple walking and very low when

I have same issue and am being sent for a heart scan and kidney scan.

Why is cayene pepper good for high blood pressure, but capsium is not

Cayenne Pepper is an herbal remedy made from the drird pods of chili peppers. High Vitamins A,C,B complex, calcium and potassium, cayenne is a wonderful healing aid for the digestive system

High blood pressure

Doctors in our society tend to underestimate the dangers of medication and combinations of medication. If your doctor is concerned about you being on the pill or on any other medication, I would follow your doctor's recommendation and go off as soon as the doctor recommends. You may want to ...