can you sync ZTE VALET with ford sync?

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Answered: How do you sync Iphone to PC in order to store contact info

You may try this phone file transfer, it can help you copy contact info from iPhone to another phone or from iPhone to PC.

Answered: How to set up a valet car service

Of course you can, at we added this service several years ago and so far its going very well. Use a search engine optimisation company to build your rankings. this is our site

Answered: How do I sync my aol mail folders to my email on my mobile smart

Hi Don: Unfortunately, the feature you are requesting is not available.

Answered: Does AOL Sync support the Palm Pre Phone ?? Not on the device list or New

Please let me know the following details. Carrier. Device Model.

Answered: When asked to select my phones model number for initial sync my phone is

Please let me know the following details. Carrier. Device Model.
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Please explain the issue?

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I see the emails you sent have all been replied to.