can you skype on straight talk?

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Answered: How secure is Skype when it comes to sharing data ...

Skype is very secure and it scans viruses before you upload your files directly at the chat area in your skype account. It is easy and fast when it comes to file sharing because while chatting you can directly upload it and also it is the most popular software in communicating with people. Just ...

Answered: Skype Vs Google Talk

I find Yahoo Messenger better than Skype or Google Talk.

Answered: How Can I Activate Straight Talk Phone With New Number When It Says That

Here are Straight Talk Phone's contact information and 1 800 phone number: Toll Free: 1-877-430-CELL or 1-877-430-2355 Email at: Correspondence at: Straight Talk, Inc Attention: Executive Resolution Department 9700 NW 112th Avenue Miami, FL 33178

Answered: Can use Paysafecard to top up my Skype account?

Yes, thank you very much, I found everything and topped up my account. Everything works fine!

Answered: Skype Question -

You can go to your preferences in skype and make sure that the main name is the correct one. Make sure that the person who owns the computer has their skype set up so that it keeps the right person logged in. You can also set it up so that no one stays logged in...
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No I'm looking at download and upload usage in megabytes per minute when using skype for a video call. My son has a light use 1gb broadband plan and we want to find out how many megabytes skype will use before we set up our PCs to make video calls - to see if there is a need to upgrade the plans.

How easy is skype to use?

It's a doddle. Go to - get a user name and a free Skype download for your PC, Mac whatever. You can then make free Skype calls from Skype to Skype using a headset and computer. Alternatively you can get a Skype phone (the best is the IPEVO SO-2O. No computer required, just a wifi ...

Music on Skype

i like music in skybe