can you shoot a 45 long colt out of a 45-70 caliber rifle?

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Answered: Which is the strongest .45-70 lever rifles?

It's probably a toss-up between a Savage model 99 and a Marlin 336. Either one is a strong, reliable rifle with an established record of great performance.

Answered: Rifle Caliber

I bought one for my Barrett rifle from Eurooptic . check out

Answered: Can 44 mag. ammo be shot in 45 long colt rifle?

So the answer is yes. Aren't you glad that our resident gun guru told you the reason that it is a bad idea? Great answer, B!

Answered: What pistol can you shoot 45 70 rifle ammo in?

A company named Magnum Research makes a revolver chambered for that cartridge. They have a "dealer finder" at their web site. . Gander Mountain sells M.R. products, so if there's one near you, you could try there. Cabela's also sells them, but you can't buy any firearm ...

Answered: Can i shoot 45 acp in my taurus which is built for 45 long colt?

Don't even think about it! The .45 Long Colt is a rimmed cartridge, the .45ACP is a rimless cartridge which is much shorter than the Long Colt. The rimless cartridge would drop down into the cylinder chamber and could easily jam there. I'm thinking it would be a real challenge trying to remove ...

Answered: If someone shoots you with a .50 caliber sniper rifle and they miss, can

A miss is a miss and a hit is a hit, period! Only in handgrenades and the game of horseshoes does close count and then its only the handgrenade that can kill when close!
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