can you see if vision is 20/2200?

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Answered: What does 20/200 vision mean?

20/200 is poor vision. It means that without glasses, your vision at 20 feet is only as good as a normal person's vision at 200 feet.

Answered: Does having vision is nescessary for internet comnanies

You can take a regular “how to succeed in business” book and see the “value” of a vision – but how can you know if you vision is good or relevant? Internet companies who are waiting for an exit should have a vision for only one reason – workers moral! And lower (some times even upper) management ...

Answered: Vision corrected

I don't think the fact a person died after getitng their site back is related but it's certainly possible to regain your sight like this. There's a process known as the Bates method that can help train your eyes back to their original strength and focus. Its possible your brother stumbled across ...

Answered: Where can I find a vision therapist for a child in massachusetts

Try contacting Mass. State Health & Human Services Dept.

Answered: laser sight for glock 20 w/o rails

This firearm wasn't designed for a laser sight as the trajectory of the 10X25 MM round somewhat resembles a rainbow and has limited range. However, it is effective in close quarters and is an option with most police departments. Laser targeting systems are only needed at long range, such as the ...
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20/20 vision?

Thats a good answer from ralph. Thanks for the reference at howstuffworks

Why do I see pixels in my vision?

hey i am getting these pixels too... But I have them all the time. They are like millions of colored dots in my entire vision something as u have described like pixels. I have got my eyes checked with specialists and they have said that there is nothing wrong with my eyes. But that I should consult ...

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