can you put miracle gro on rhubarb plants so they grow?

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Answered: Easy to grow orchids?

This page lists lots of types of orchids, and indicates which are recommended for beginners: Types of Orchids . The site also has a lot of information on how to grow orchids.

Answered: Growing plants in sand

you can but you have to purify the sand first so rinse it and put it in the oven at 180 for half an hour. and done, you should use some type of fertilizer though

Answered: Why plants cannot grow in cold temperatures ?

I guess it has to do with moisture, less moisture in air doesnt help the plants at all. However, there are specific breeds which do good in cold environment.

Answered: What type of water do plants grow best in?

It has been said that if you can get distilled water it works well.

Answered: What kind of plants can be grown in plant gel?

Yes!! Plants live and thrive in Plant Gel because they have water, nutrients and air around the root base at all times.

Answered: How does limestone help plants grow?

limestone is name of calcium carbonate (CaCO3). it reacts with oxygen then it provide CO2 to the plants...
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