can you put bleach in a waterpik?

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Answered: Does a tooth bleaching cause damage or sensitivity to the teeth?

Our home remedies for sensitive teeth stress dental care and warding off dental diseases.

Answered: Bleaching Pebbles

Troy- Scoop all of these up and put them on your driveway. Rinse them with a hose for 5 or 10 minutes. Kick them around a bit, trying to get them turned over. Move them to a dry spot. When the pebbles are dry, they will be fine to put back in the pond. This is a very dilute bleach solution ...

Answered: Out of date dental bleach

Yes, you can. However, you may not get the results that you would with a "fresh" one! <G>

Answered: Is it true that using bleach to clean in bathroom does not kill mold?

Absolutely the health care industry has to have "proper sterilization" techniques...bottom line is it is the CLEANING INDUSTRY that brings the proper products to them so they can be CLEAN!

Answered: Does comet make the cleanser without bleach anymore? if so where can i

According to their web site, it has bleach. . Here is one without bleach.
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