can you put a deodorizer in the shark steam cleaner?

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Answered: Aew Shark steam cleaners for Ceramic Tile as good as what they are

Shark steam cleaners are great for cleaning ceramic tile surfaces however, they are not so great on grout i.e. the spaces between your tile. I'd suggest you buy a powerful steam cleaner like the McCulloch MC 1275

Answered: I have a steam cleaner from Italy that I dont have ... is the best I can fine that is close to it

Answered: Portable steam powered grill cleaner worth buying?

hi, Steam cleaning is the fastest and safe method for grill cleaning. A regular use of grill tends to leave behind fats and food particles that cling to the surfaces of the grill. Steam cleaner will remove years of burnt-on grease and food debris, giving it a like-new appearance. Use the power of ...

Answered: Steam cleaners

Hi, You can find lots of hand held steam cleaners on Amazon, often at discounted prices. If you're not sure on the best hand held or portable steam cleaner to buym you should check out some steam cleaner reviews on

Answered: Wind storm steam cleaner is the best I can fine that is close to it

Answered: What is the purpose of hammer head sharks

Same as us humans - to eat, to live, and to reproduce.
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It should be possible to do this yourself. If it was my boiler system (I try things with my own stuff that I wouldn't do to other people's stuff), I would experiment with adding something to dissolve the mineral deposits to the water, run it through the system, then drain and rinse the system.

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