can you put 10w40 motor oil in diesel?

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Answered: synthetic motor oil dry out v.cover gaskets

In the early days of synthetic oils there was a problem of seals shrinking but the formulation was adjusted to give the same swelling as non-synthetic oils. I doubt the problem still exists.

Answered: The proportion of diesel cars and petrol cars

Check out this site and maybe ask them if they have any statistics:

Answered: How good are diesel tuning boxes & can they harm the engine

if you don't add to much horse power it won't hurt you engine. i have a ford f250 diesel,installed a bully dog chip,set it at mid range, and added about 5 mpg.

Answered: If you decide to change the oil in your own ...

Professional shops that change oil are required to take used oil from individuals that change their own. They sell it to re-refiners.

Answered: Will I get more mileage out of a diesel hatch like a renault or will i do

Like most of us, you want to reduce the cost of driving. I have own several diesel cars, and enjoyed great fuel mileage (VW rabbit averaged 49 mpg for 120 thousand miles.) However the extra cost of diesel fuel now and the large expense if engine or injection repairs are needed (my VW had to have the ...
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What % and how many diesel cars are in Europe

I didn't count it approx 60% .

Why does my diesel car smoke so much when starting up??

Depending on the color of the smoke that comes out, you could determine what is wrong with your vehicle and why it's starting to smoke excessively in the first place. I found it very useful when my BMW Alpina started to excessively smoke. If its black smoke, it means you have unburned diesel in ...

Can i use heating oil in a diesel van.

Depends on your fuel pump. Bosh yes Lucus no. But if you do you must add mineral engine oil Not syn oil. It lubricates your fuel pump. Synthetic oil doesnt burn. Add about 0.7 ltr for every 25ltr of heating fuel