can you mix r22 and r22a refrigerant?

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Answered: Can i mix r22 with r22a?

Technically it can be done from what I understand (no explosions or corrosion or earthquakes flood or famine) but legally is another story. If you are in the US the legal answer is no. Any other country I have heard of the answer seems to be yes. The problem seems to come in when Joe HVAC tech ...

Answered: What are the different between R22 and R410A

R410A operates at higher pressure, so you can't just replace R22 with R410A.

Answered: Anyone know where I can get a side by side refrigerator that is 33wide

I'd recommend going to a place that sells appliances for motor homes.

Answered: What happens if you mix R22 into your R410a(Puron) system?

Firstly the refrigerants operate at different pressure. Not a wise choice. ca roads and damages unit and if you can replace oil then you should. If you do wish to replace make sure you flush it out ten times before even considering it. even still not a good idea. Don't do it period

Answered: Mixing r22 and 410 refrigerant

The damage that may accur from mixing r22 and 410A is the compressor, because of the type of oil need for 410A is defferent than r22, What i would do is recover the freon, shut nitrigen through the systems and pull a deep vacuum for a few hours, add new 410a freon back into the system and hope you ...
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R134A the refrigerant replaced r12 around 1994. This is the most common in domestic refrigerators. R22 is still in use in some central air conditioning units ,it is going to be phased out ,not sure when.

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