can you mix flotrol in water based acrylic alkyd paint?

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Answered: Once an acrylic painting is dry can you paint over ...

Yes sure, once the acrylic paint is dry we can paint over it, but the next question is what type of color you are painting over it, do you need it temporarily or permanent. Its all depend on your choice...

Answered: Can I paint with acrylics over top of a watercolor painting after the

Yes you can but if the water color is temporary or not for a long time the additional acrylic effect will be also for time being.

Answered: I have a oil based painting and I want to ...

If applied thickly – either straight from the tube or with very little water added – or if mixed with a little white, all acrylic colours can be opaque. If diluted, they can be used like watercolours or for airbrushing.

Answered: Can you use the Genisis paint system on 300 # streched watercolor paper

Is this for fine art or industrial art? WHy not use the paint on the water color paper if you prime it first? or do you somehow want the effect of the oil paint seeping through? THe oil paint will seep through the paper without being primed, but experiment, what the heck.

Answered: Can you use water-based polyurethane on a toy box painted with acrylic

The water base will not adhere to the oil paint. More than likely will flake. Rule of thumb is oil will go on waterbase (latex) but Latex will not adhere to Oil (alkyd)

Answered: Can I use oil based lacquer over water based paint on a piece of

No . It is not recommendable at all . Remove the water based paint and apply oil based lacquer all together . Otherwise the lacquer wont take ; it will fall of . Always use compatible materials .
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Its best not to use oil paint on fabric, it will cause it to soak thew and run or bleed. and it will take many days to dry, and once it has dryed it be to hard to ware if it a blouse, or jeans. Don't buy none of those so called fabric paint that sells in Hobby Lobby or any other craft store, thise ...


If you copy another artist work ...the proper thing to do is identify it as a copy of Artist name you recreated it. Learn from others & do your own style.

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Apply a shellac primer (white) or sealer (clear), and after that you can paint with latex! Good luck, evelien

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You can paint latex over oil primer but not finish, you can paint oil over latex. As a contractor I will recommend you prime with oil and top coat it with latex, then next time all you need do is paint latex. Now I said as a contractor because I dont want to be called back for a problem, If it's ...