can you mix bleach lightner with hair color?

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Answered: Hair coloring (dying)

Hair coloring has many disadvantages :- Problems - * It makes use of excessive chemicals which may cause skin irritation and allergy. Causes - Skin Irritation, Photosensitive, Headache. Solution - Apply products which have zero chemicals or you can make use of some Indian Ayurveda stuffs to ...

Answered: How soon after pregnancy can you color your hair and get the desired

I colored my hair throughout my pregnancy, probably three or four times. My ob-gyn said that not enough of the chemical is absorbed through your skin to hurt the baby & just to be sure to do it in a well ventilated area to minimize breathing the chemicals in. My baby was born extremely healthy ...

Answered: I have a transparent lace and want to darken the lace can u give me any

You can buy fabric dye that you soak the lace in and change it to the colour you want.

Answered: Need one to measure color

The tray is removable. Max capacity is 1000 gm.

Answered: What do I use for color if my client is a level 3 natural hair color and

Ok, you've got your work cut out for you, and fortunately your rent paid for the month!Ha.... So it's completely virgin, and perhaps on the longish side....I personally would use a high lift color first, a virgin app., with the desired tone-though it won't reallllly matter - you'll see why later ...
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How to remove hair color?!!?!??

Try L'Oreal's Color Zap for a quick at-home reversal of your color blunder. This easy-to-use kit works after one application, gently removing dye from your hair while leaving your natural hair color intact and ready to re-color. This product works even on permanent hair dye. Health Tips

Whats the best way in which to pick the best hair dye colour for me? I

Based on the information you provided, you might try adding some low lights to your hair color.

Bleaching hair

I don't think that is a good choice and you may try to wear a lace wigs:

Does a tooth bleaching cause damage or sensitivity to the teeth?

Our home remedies for sensitive teeth stress dental care and warding off dental diseases.