can you lay a portable dishwasher on it's side to transport?

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Answered: Can a under counter dishwasher be converted into a portable one

Not that I am aware of: normally, people are wanting to make a portable into an undercounter, and the portables are designed to be also permanently installed. I seriously doubt a retrofit is offered.

Answered: Where can I buy a 1959 Motorola SH22GL portable phonograph?

I have a motorola model sh22gl record player. Are you interested in buying it?

Answered: What is the best portable bluetooth speaker?

Bluetooth speakers are the hottest improvement in wireless sound technology. It replaces the use of large cable to connect speakers for hearing music. They have great power in comparison of traditional speakers and relatively small in size that you can easily toss into your bags too. One of the ...

Answered: Dishwasher problems

Overflow valve where ?

Answered: Ge dishwasher not washing

the water just sits in the tub and does not start the wash cycle at time of starting a new wash.

Answered: Dishwasher Draining Problem

Thank you very much for the reply! Lynn
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My wife didn't want the anti-siphon valve to sit on top of the kitchen counter, so I installed it according to directions, with the hose from the dishwasher to the valve, and the outflow from the valve going into my gargbage disposer. But I located the valve as high up as I could, up just under the ...