can you hook up a flash drive to a kindle fire for storage?

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Answered: Can I download itunes on my Kindle Fire?

No, you can only install iTunes on PC or mac

Answered: How does kindle work

It's a spiritual thing. You have to be naked.

Answered: How do you make a note or hilight in a book on the Kindle Fire?

All you need to do, is press on the word you want to highlight or take a note on, wait a moment or two and an options thing will pop up asking what you want to do with it.

Answered: Custom usb flash drives suppliers or manufacturers?

Malaysia and Taiwan are also the lead manufacturers of flash drives. You can get flash drives in bulk for less price and good quality. But it is better to buy a sample from them before opting to go for a bulk order. I bought some flash drives from this store from Malaysia which are very good in ...
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Flash drive

plug in your USB drive to the USB port. Click Start - (My) Computer - Choose one from the device removable storage Double Click to open the files saved on the USB. Select pictures you want to transfer in your PC. (Ctrl then click on the pictures you want to save on the PC) Copy ( Ctrl C ) - if ...

How do I go about placing pictures from my computers hard drive onto a

Point on the picture, right click and select Save Picture at the place of your USB flash drive, you can save it.

Flash Drive Issues

well, your USB port is the one which is not working.