Can you have gout in your lower leg?

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Answered: How do i prevent gout attacks?

Lydia, There are 2 approaches to gout: gout pain relief that you need for acute gout attack AND long term prevention. Yes, you can cure it too. Here's you Gout Survival Guide . In there you will find everything you need to know now. Good luck and please let me know how things are!

Answered: I have dark scaly spots all over lower legs and would like to have them

Use some keratolytic agents containing salicylic acid and some emmollients and moisturizing agents that would work well on your condition. Details about your conditions with a pic would make it easier to diagnose your condition. could u give some more details.

Answered: Sudden stumbling, lower left leg not working

well.. most likely your difficulty in walking is due to your stroke.. if i were you i'd take an MRI scan.. it is possible that you had a 'minor' stroke again.. and this might also be the reason why you can't walk normally.. have it checked by your physician.. the ankle thing can also be another ...

Answered: What causes gout and how can it be prevented?

Gout is caused by a build-up or uric acid. Cherries are the best gout home remedy. Many people have had great success preventing gout by eating cherries or cherry extract on a daily basis.

Answered: Where to get accurate gout list on foods

Baking soda, strawberries, grapes and alfalfa are really useful to get relief from gout pain . Also alkaline foods is helpful to reduce gout pain
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Do some medications trigger the gout

Gout Remedies - Health 911 Check out this site it will explain many of your questions..Gout is a common type of Arthritis. Many things can trigger a bout. Here are a few...alcohol, potassium loss, diuretics, insulin,some antiabotics, certain foods....these are to name just a few....Blessings ...

Gout and blood suger

Can airplane flights have an impact on grout or bring on an attack?


gout is caused by too much uric acid build up in the body. you should avoid from alcohol and eating foods with purines. Here you can find some good gout home remedies

Uricelax-Can I find this at a local retailer in New Port Richey, Florida

I ended up going to a Dr.. Pute on a med that started with Chlo & ended up on taking Allopurinal after getting it under control.