can you grind up amoxicillin?

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Answered: Ear infection

Yes, Amoxil anti bacterial drug that prevents the growth of drug-resistant bacteria and fights bacterial infections.Amoxil injections, pediatric suspensions and capsules contain amoxicillin as an active ingredient.

Answered: My daughter is 2 she grinding teeth what cause it never use to do it

In toddlers, it's usually 'just because.' Toddlers explore. It's how they learn. So a toddler who grinds her teeth is most often doing it because she has discovered that she can. She has found out that it makes a sound, that it gets her lots of attention and that it feels interesting. Don't make ...

Answered: How long can I use amoxicillin after the prescription is filled? 2 MOS,1

Joyce, In addition to Luv's answer, usually the prescription bottle tells you what date to discard the drug (the expiration date). Be blessed

Answered: Teeth grinding in alz patients

She needs to go to the dentist and have a mouth guard fitted to wear at night and it prevents teeth grinding. My roomate used to grind her teeth and she had terrible headaches, now she wears a mouth guard and is fine. Check with the dentist if it is OK for Alzheimer's patients. Be well.

Answered: What is Grinding Wheel?

A grinding wheel is an expendable wheel that is made up of a rough substance utilized for various grinding and abrasive machining procedures. They are made use of in grinding devices. The tires are typically made from a matrix of coarse bits pressed and adhered with each other to develop a solid ...

Answered: -no dental insurance- Without going to the dentist, how can I stop from

I had some problem with my teeth and I don't have a dental insurance but I found a good plan to save me money,I enrolled and went to the dental and I saved a lot of money with that plan it called (ameriplan) to enroll and save go to enroll you see for your self.tell ...
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Why do some people grind their teeth at night?

The condition is Bruxism and is related to stress or training of the jaw muscles to clench by chewing gum or things like that. I found an informative article I bookmarked because it contains some good info. My wife ended up purchasing the mouth guard and it works great. How to Stop Teeth ...

Performance advantages of new high efficiency superfine grinding

No reason to bring in Chinese scrap iron when we got American machines that work harder, last longer, and do a better job. Don't bother loading that scrap iron on the cargo ship, cause you will only get it back and that will cost you plenty.

What's the working principle of grinding mill?

The material in the warehouse will fall down into the feeding tube evenly through the Vibrating Feeder, and then fall onto the upper scattering plate, after that material will scatter on the gap between the roller and ring. The material in the inner wall of the rollers will be reground, and then ...

What is a grinding mill? How does it work?

High Pressure Medium Speed Grinder (High Pressure Suspension Mill), the new design, from VIPEAK is used to grind barite, limestone, kaolin, and ceramics and slag, whose Moh's hardness is below 9.3 scales, non-inflammable and non-explosive material.