can you get a flu shot if you have a hip replacement with metal?

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Answered: Yreka Flu Shots?

Were you able to find a place?

Answered: Hip relacement

Most hip implants ahve been reported to fail due to defective component used by the manufacturer. Biomet is one of the makers that faced a number of lawsuits because of their faulty device. Read more @ .

Answered: Shots

No, you must be certified to give shots, as the average "lay-person" could do more harm than good.

Answered: Riding a horse after hip replacement

Thank you so much for your response. I did try and ride a bit but the nerves got the best of me. Actually, I have moved to the Caribbean and scuba dive for my fun. Very low inpact and the scenery is spectacular !

Answered: Can i have hip replacement surgery and still work as a truck driver?

You may have your work back, yes, but maybe you need to be extra careful that time. Your hip, just like your knee carries the mass of your body. You also have to consider that time when you have your hip replacement surgery, it may cause failure to your surgery if you insist yourself in that kind of ...

Answered: where can I find the Flu Shots in Fayetteville, NC for my Sick, 81 year

Thanks, I'll call KMart and the Health Department. Her Dr. ran out but should have saved a dose for her apt. which is what I/we thought and were told that was going to happen (her flu shot)she is VERY HIGH RISK and the flu could KILL her and they know that. Really upsets me, plus she's not able to ...
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After hip replacement will I be able to bowl or go horse-back riding?

I was given approval to resume horseback riding three months after total hip arthroplasty. Surgeon says that the astride position is beneficial for ball and socket. I mount from a ramp using a reverse Crest Mount technique, which does not require me to over-extend, or torque the right hp joint ...

Surgical & non surgical options following multiple dislocation of

This page may help you answer some of your questions - . You may want to email one of the hip specialists at OHSU -

FLu from the vaccine shot

The mist version contains live virus. The shot is supposed to be killed virus.

Are swine flu shots dangerous?

Since I have Type 1 diabetes I have to be very careful when it comes to the flu. I have been taking regular flu shots for at least 5 years and they have made a huge difference for me. I have yet to have the flu whereas before I started with the shots, every year I used to get the flu. This year I ...