can you get a delayed bruise after a fall?

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Answered: Reoccuring bruise on stomach same spot all the time

If it is painful to the touch, there could be something causing a bruise. Maybe it is from a seat belt. If you have anemia, there could be internal bleeding. Bruising and bleeding often occur with liver disease. Ask your doctor about tests for liver function.

Answered: Is it okay to wear white in fall?

I agree with the other posts... where what you want. I know I will be wearing my white jeans this winter with some cool boots and a nice sweater. White after labor day is so old and lame really, when people had nothing else to be concerned about. Today we have lots! so carry on with the white, I am ...

Answered: Can a blow to the bridge of your nose cause bruising under the eyes?

Yes, it can. If several blood vessels are ruptured, there isn't enough tissue in the nose to absorb the blood leakage. It will absorb in the tissue under the eyes and cause a visible bluish colored area similar to a "black eye."

Answered: Where can I find a Webster University1997 Fall Academic Calendar?

Common sense would dictate that the starting point would be Webster University. I'm sure they must have a phone there and maybe they even have that new fangled electronic mail thingy.

Answered: Email Delays

Have you noticed the problem just in your email inbox on the computer? I.E. if you log in at 1:00 and don't see any emails, and then log in again at 2:00 and see an email that was supposedly received at 12:00?
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you can not really do anything about it but it will go away in about a week or so,if you don't want anyone to see it you keep it covered up,that should be easy since its on your stomach

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I think your best bet might be contacting a slip and fall attorney and getting advice from them because they are professionals.