can you freeze fruit and fruit with chocolate from edible arrangement?

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Answered: Freezing

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Answered: Fruit Cup Day for the Fruit Cups

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Answered: Customer service for Edible Arrangements. I have ...

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Answered: Aol freezes in loading on both vista computers ...

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Answered: Would You Like Some Gold Dusted Chocolate?

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Can you freeze bananas?

Yes you can. There is a company called Diana's Bananas that sells frozen chocolate covered bananas. They are DEEEEE-Licious. And I own no stock in the company.

Low calorie chocolates?

Mars Bars are low in calorie and they got all the different layers and they're so chunky and filling they really hit the spot. They weigh in at around 250Kcal though I've also had bars of Terry's Choc Orange (214Kcal) and Picnic (240ish), which have been okay.

My laptop had some freezing issues before, but ...

BSOD generally appears due to installation of outdated or corrupt drivers or corrupt Windows registry. Updating the drivers and repairing registry errors may resolve the BSOD problem.

What does freezing do to fruits and vegatables keep their nutrients?

They keep the nutrients, but generally don't taste terribly good. Commercially frozen veggies and fruits arte flash frozen, so they don't suffer too much loss of flavor of destruction of the cell walls, which causes mushiness. But home freezing destroys the cells walls.