can you freeze fruit and fruit with chocolate from edible arrangement?

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Answered: Customer service for Edible Arrangements. I have ...

They should get or outsource their customer service department to save time and budget

Answered: Would You Like Some Gold Dusted Chocolate?

Well, you sound pretty spry for having surgery today! Get some rest and be well. Love to you and yours...njoy

Answered: Freezing fresh strawberries?

They won't be as firm as fresh, but freezing on the cookie sheet before bagging will definitely help to retain some of their firmness. After thawing try to handle gently and don't toss around, and they come out pretty good. Like I said I freeze all my berries, and have been very satisified with the ...

Answered: Edible arrangements

Fruit Basket Review doesn't teach you how to build fruit and vegetable edible arrangements but it will direct you to the best gourmet fruit baskets online and provides fruit basket discount codes, promotional codes, and coupon codes.

Answered: Can you freeze bananas?

Yes you can. There is a company called Diana's Bananas that sells frozen chocolate covered bananas. They are DEEEEE-Licious. And I own no stock in the company.
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