Can you donate blood if you are on statin meds?

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Answered: Can i donate blood after receiving 13 units of blood 2 years ago

Surely if you feel fit. Then you should go for it. We should donate blood. By this you will save many life. By One blood package we can save four life. It is a divine work. We should participate. Our body recover this blood with in 24 hours. So there is no problem with donating blood. Cred Net ...

Answered: Can a Christian Donate Blood? My guess is yes ...

There are enough things in the Bible that are clearly wrong. But there is no law or clear commandment against donating or selling ones blood.

Answered: Is there anyone who will donate to us,disabled-strugsling couple a

What organizations have you contacted in the town in which you live?

Answered: How long does donated blood stays in my body?

A former colleague of mine, Tutuzdad, did some great research on just this topic, and his answer is here: Google Answers - "Blood Regeneration In Humans" Two of the sites he references are as follows, with the first one pretty well answering your question. Indiana Wesleyan University - "About ...

Answered: Will i ever be able to get off high blood meds

It depends. I have tried various times, lost weight, stopped salt, started exercising, etc. The doctor tried taking me off my bp medication, but my pressure immediately rose. If you want to try, make sure you're at a normal weight, exercise, and do it under a doctor's care. If you don't have a ...

Answered: Suspious donation form

You should look them up on or search the Internet. Here's what I found: NPTA is a labor union.
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I am Hypothyroid. Will donating plasma affect how my Thyroid medication

No it won't affects the functioning of your medication but you need to ask your doctor first to take the permission for donating the blood plasma. You can regain the donated blood with in three months by taking healthy foods. I found some useful information at ...

Statins and heart related deaths

Read the information found in these 2 web sites. I have been taking statins for quite some time and I will continue to do so.

How often should I get my blood checked while on statins.

In order to be on statins you need a prescription. In order to get a prescription you need a Doctor. Ask him. He has your medical records. Strangers on the internet do not.

Statins...and Hair Loss

I have been taking Zocor for at least 4 years with no side effects . Just within the last few weeks there have been so many favorable articles and publicity about statins.