can you deduct a rainbow vacuum cleaner from your taxes for allergy?

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Answered: What does it mean when the Rainbow vacuum cleaner beeps when you press

What model is it? If it is an E2 two speed, then it could be the controller that is bad. Please contact our tech. support at 800-640-2033 for service. You can get manuals and other items at Alex Thornton Service Tech. RainVac

Answered: What is the best vacuum cleaner out there? There ...

Here are two web sites that should help you decide.

Answered: I need a new vacuum cleaner this year and I was ...

I have a Rainbow and is does the job and more. I bought it used off local website so I saved big. The only draw back is it uses water so you dump it after each use. There are no bags everything is trapped in the water and you pour it out. It is a cannister, you can leave the vacum hose detached ...

Answered: Deductions

You can if you: 1) provide more than half his support (which includes the value of the housing you provide for him) and 2) his income is less than $3,700 a year. I suspect you may fail the second test since i assume he receives ssi which is probably more than $3,700 a year.

Answered: Vacuum Cleaners

For your question, check I hope you can find the vacuum that you need there.
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